“Hello” by the Movies

When Adele released her new song “Hello” as part of her album 25, it was immediately met with praise and become one of the top songs of 2015. Its release sparked a number of covers and parodies, all of which have received mixed reviews from viewers. The covers ranged from rock versions of the song to acoustic renditions, while the parodies often poke fun at the visual composition of the music video or other completely unrelated humour, such as the parody video called “Hella Cravings” that uses the tune of “Hello”, but replaces Adele’s lyrics with lyrics about food cravings and loathing exercise.

A rendition of Adele’s “Hello” that has also been met with praise includes the mashup “Adele’s ‘Hello’ by the Movies”, in which a YouTube user cut a number of Hollywood films and compiled them together so that these iconic characters were singing it.


According to Kirby Ferguson, “remix is new media created by old media”, in which something is copied, transformed, and combined into something new. His primary argument is that everything is remix because to him, each ‘new’ technology is possible because the core foundation has been in a state of continuous development. Ferguson argues “our creativity comes from without not from within…we are not self-made, we are dependent on one another”. The video “Adele’s ‘Hello’ by the Movies” is an example of pre-existing material being ‘copied, transformed, and combined’ into a new rendition of something old. The creator of this video did not attempt to claim credit for the films utilized or the song itself, but rather compiled this video to pay homage to the material. Rolling Stone magazine praised the video for its creativity and wrote: “Adele’s appeal is so universal, the reach of “Hello” has extended into the fictional realms of classic movies”.

When material is reconstructed in this way, I argue it is an example of remix culture that does not challenge the intellectual property of an artist but rather pays homage to it. The creator of this video can be credited for their editing, however they did not claim ownership of the material utilized.


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