LOST: Networks of Clues and Fan Investigation

This blog is part of a series on Networks and LOST that I will be adding to the blog over the next week.


For those who watched LOST as it aired with a critical eye, trying to decipher the secrets and clues given, there was a certain satisfaction in sharing a theory and then having it proven right.  For me, this was simply done within my family network, my mother and I watching the show together in her living room, trying to figure out how what was happening connected to what had happened before and what would happen next.  But for many others this kind of theorizing was done in an online network of fans.  Now that the show has been complete for 10 years these theories are collected in an online wiki, a platform that houses networked knowledge.

The fan network of LOST propelled the show’s success as well as being driven on by an extended network of online offerings that supplemented the show.  As early as the first episode of LOST content outside of the show’s televised offerings was available in the form of websites that included coded and secret information about the show.  These included Oceanic-Air.com (no longer operational – redirects to ABC.com)  The Hanso Foundation http://www.thf.methodicjon.com/  plus websites for the Apollo chocolate bar (created for ABC shows and used in Alias, LOST and Once Upon A Time), and the Hanso Foundation Careers (Now redirects to Monster.com).  These extensions into real world internet offerings expanded the network of clues that were offered for these fans to comb through for their theories.    While most of these websites are no longer operational, there are still ways to look through them through web services like the LOSTpedia wiki or Thewayback machine.  Because of the availability of the television show through DVD and BluRay collections, the Wiki and Lost tie in websites, the show’s conclusion has not ended the theorizing either as the creators of the show never revealed any answers.

Is it possible that because of these networks of clues and teasers LOST continues to inspire audiences to consume, search through the clues, and keep coming up with new theories as to what was really going on in the show?


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