Consideration of Networks

At the beginning of this semester, we discussed the definition of network and network as metaphor. We have acquired many information about network and communication. I believe that the definition of network for many people is not clear enough or people themselves will have many different ideas when talking about network. This blog post is related to the metaphor meaning of network and the relationship between this meaning and communication.

One of the meanings of network is a thing that shapes like net. We can begin from this meaning. The net is a thing that can be used to hold something such as fruits, fish or other things. On the other word, all of the stuffs held in this net have connections with each other. It is the same situation when it comes to the metaphor meaning of network which is nodes distributed through geographic space connected by means of communication that facilitate the circulation of knowledge, information, people, etc. In this way, the link is established between network and communication. Communication covers many fields as we have talked about, we can only focus on one aspect. That is the communication between people.

The communication is a word with long history. And when this concept was first introduced into this world, it was an action. After several hundreds years’ developments, the concept does not have too many changes in this nature. By the action of gathering up together, no matter it is the online link or offline link. The message or information will flow from one person to another. Then they will share the same opinion or information, after that they will come up with their own idea and continue to transmit the idea to other people. Communication itself is an invisible network for people who rely on this customary technique to achieve the goal of expression.


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