Networks of Power: Impeachment of First Female President of South Korea

When I looked back at all the knowledge we learned for Network course, I was impressed  with the concepts of Power and Counter power. As Nicole presented, the network of “power is the relations of influence and counter power is the set of actions by those who are dominated that disrupt the domination”. The above definitions of Networked power, which led me to associate with the incident of  impeachment of  first female presidency Park Geun-hyn.

The incident began when a female collage student gradually flaunted the “considerable wealth” on her instagram account, and  alleged that ” you are the social losers  because you do not have capable parents; richness is another strength”. The internet users of South Korea revealed the political background of this young girl, who is the daughter of Park Geun-hyn’s aide.

The presidency Park Guen-hyn kept silence and denied the relationship with her aide afterwards. Park tried to execute her ruling power o eliminate all negative news, in order to conceal her guilts.  Collage students were endowed with the counter power of social media who launched a movement on different social platforms and asked the school president and Park to resign their positions. The network of this incident is emerging: the social media as a representation of freedom which allow the students to protest the absolute authority of presidency Park; And the domination of Park was collapsing.

Within the above movement kept  simmering, at the beginning of October, 2016, South Korea’s mass media (i.e. JTBC, a cable TV station) exposure a series of political scandals about their former president Park Geun-hye, including how Park helped her aide’s daughter to tamper the academic transcript, issued fake diplomas, and  illegally solicited business donations from South Korean firms especially Samsung Group. Social media themselves have played a supervising role in Park’s corrupt regime. Almost all the citizens of South Korea joined the marches of impeaching Park Guen-hyn up to 180 days, and finally Park announced her resignation in this January.


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