Visible and Invisible Network: The U.S. Army anti-Ballistic Missile System THAAD and its Influences on Chinese Media and Entertainment Industries

Recently, Terminal High Altitude Area Defence(THAAD) becomes a serious issue between China and South Korea. In July of 2016, the United State and South Korea agreed to set up THAAD in South Korea. If THAAD is settled, then everything happens in Northern China will be reconnoitred including military defence and this will damage China’s benefits.

As Korean government insists of settling, from the concepts of visible network, the relationship between China and Korea is getting worse. According to the definition of invisible network, due to the THAAD situation, the restriction of Korean artists is published. Hence, Chinese audience can not watch any Korean dramas, variety shows or listen K-pop musics from the TV and internet.

China-Korea feud over THAAD is hurting K-pop in mainland market

From the social determinism definition, the THAAD event is not only about technology itself, but also causes series of social concerns. On the social media, many fans of Korean pop stars comment that “Comparing to be a fan, they love their country more, so they stop to follow the pop stars”.  At the same time, the size of Chinese tourists in Korea decreases sharply which causes the huge loss of economic profits.

From a piece of news, during a cruise trip, when the cruise stopped at the terminal of Jeju island of South Korea, all the Chinese tourists refused to get off and all the preparation from Korean side became worthless. Meanwhile, this behaviour causes an argument on the social media. As an International issue happens, it will be spread on any social media as soon as possible. Then it will not only bring political effect, it will also cause grant influences culturally, economically and socially.


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