ANT: There’s a Network Named Morocco




My best friend Crystal had recently travelled to Morocco. The things she experienced, scenes she saw, food she tried, and way she walked had fulfilled her trip. Together, these non human actions made up the actor network among Crystal.

They rented a car. Driving had leveled up their happiness to a great extent. No need to bargaining prices with taxi drivers (yes, in Morocco, you have to bargain price for every single item you want to purchase, including taxi!), no need to catch scheduled public transported between cities. Just relax, relax, and follow the pace that made the trip most joyful.

They had three cameras, along with five smart phones. Pictures recorded the places they went, the memories they created, and linked them with friends on the other side of Internet (“Like” on SNS). Stopped at the seashore, parked near the country road; they pictured the sunset and their friendships.

They played with lights. Without city lights, the saw thousands of stars at Sahara. Inside the the dark, the movement path of cellphones’ flashlight had been recorded. Without Internet, it was all about creativity.

There were also some troubles. The rented stick shift car sometimes stalled on the middle of road; camels were ‘angry’ and didn’t allow people to ride; landslip on altitude 2200m…

As Crystal shared her experience with me via Wechat and Instagram, her trip was amazing because of these non human objects. No matter there were natures scene or human-made objects, their existence made memories happen. They connected Crystal with her friends; and more importantly, they put Crystal in the network named Morocco, let her discovered the culture of Morocco. I guess, this must be the meaning of travel, and the meaning of the existence non-human objects.


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