Asian Lives Matter: Dr. Dao’s United Nightmare could be Yours

 United Airlines’ passenger-dragging fiasco overshadows a strong earnings report

On April 11th, United Airlines passenger David Dao who was dragged off flight since the airline company oversold the tickets. The United Airlines drew lots to select four passengers and asked them to change another flight. Dr. David Dao, who was one of the selected passengers, refused to change the flight because he had a surgery on the next day. Unluckily, the video shows that he was forced off the plane- injured and blooded. This breaking news suddenly reported and re-posted by by major social media of China. Chinese internet users especially the Chinese American launched an activity online which names “Chinese Lives Matter” immediately, and changed the name to “Asian Lives Matter” after they figured out that Dr. Dao is a American Vietnamese. When I read some comments on Weibo (the major social media in China which is similar to Twitter), a lot of users blamed this activity and said “Why should we care about him? He decided to immigrant to the U.S., not us.” When I travelled from Toronto to San Fransisco in winter 2015, I had a similar encounter to Dr. Dao: The Air Canada oversold the tickets, my mother and I were the two passengers who dragged off the plane. I tried to figure out why we were selected but the airline did not give us any explanations, and at the end, we had to change our traveling plans temporarily. According to my personal experience, this incident happened because of our moral indifference. Nowadays, we not only launch a physical march to assert the rights of vulnerable groups, but also with the aid of social platforms. I do not want to talk about too much about race issues here, but we should not abandon the authority to speak out.


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