The Hunger Marketing of Collection Shoes: Jamming the Network of Sneaker Heads

As a sneaker head, I like collecting different brands of sneakers, particular in the series Nike’s Air Jordan and Adidas Originals. Although the price of those collection shoes is more expensive than the regular sneakers, the collectible value of those products is one of the important factor that stimulates me to invest in those limited editions.

As the article A War of Limited Edition Shoes describes, “many leading sportswear brands launched their limited edition shoes and sneaker hands queued overnight in the shop for a pari show shoes.” Another key detail that I want to mention here is, those buyers are selected by online lots around a month ago before releasing officially. Nevertheless, the situation has been changed since those sneaker cooperations have turned to the strategy of   hunger marketing.  WX20170418-144554@2x

At the same time, social media and celebrity effects have played a significant role on speculating the price of collection  sneakers, which directly lead the price bubbles in sneaker markets. Some buyers sell the collection sneakers on different social platforms immediately, such as E-bay and Hupu (a Chinese forum which allows costumers to critique and sell collection sneakers online).


the series of Yeezy boosts and Adidas NMDs as two classic samples of bubble price in sneakers that directly changed the original intention of sneaker heads and jammed the network of them as well. There are a lot of memes about Yeezy Boost to spoof its crazy price, which lead customers or sneaker heads to re-consider why they are crazy about pursuing those sneakers. I have to say that the hunger marketing and network marketing themselves which indeed interfere younger generations’ consumption conceptions: Ignoring the quality of sneakers as long as they are limited editions.




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